Big Retail Says No To Vaccine Mandates – At Least For Now

The vaccine mandate dictated by President Joe Biden is so bad, even big retailers are now pushing back on it. Yes, the same big retailers who have been in lock-step with the Democrat party, going woke, and supporting cancel culture.

With the holidays right around the corner, many of the big name chains including Walmart and Target, are asking the Biden administration for a 90-day delay in the vaccine mandates. Basically, they want to wait until after the busy holiday hiring season.

"Employers today, in dealing with this madness of bringing in people asking are you vaccinated or not? and if not then you have to be tested, it is really going to put a stressor on their system" said Jared Pope, the CEO of Work Shield.

It has been hard enough for retailers and the hospitality industry to deal with the labor shortage. Now, when businesses are counting on extra workers for the holidays, it's a lot to ask.

"You're making it even harder now to hire people" Pope told KTRH, "It is going to be a little nuts."

Instead of chestnuts, the retailers would be forced to be the vaccine police, while paying for and keeping track of those that prefer weekly testing instead of the shot. Not the holiday vibe we were promised from Biden just a few months ago.

"We all saw what it was like last year during Covid, and it sucked, it wasn't fun" Pope said. "There was a spirit that was not present, that you could. I don't think anybody wants to go back to that."

The Biden administration is using OSHA to impose the vaccine mandate, but it has not yet happened.

Protestors Rally Against Vaccination Mandates For Hospital Workers In NYC

Photo: Getty Images

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