Substitute Teacher Shortage Could Mean a Job for You!

If you're looking for a fulfilling temp job - think about substitute teaching.

The teacher shortages we're hearing about include substitute teachers as well. HISD's Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez says they usually work an 8 hour day and many work extended assignments. He says subs are really needed now. "We're always looking for substitutes. Just this last year and a half has made it even more difficult and so we just find ourselves looking for more substitutes that we are used to.""

"The HISD hourly rate for substitute teachers is $14 an hour. If you're coming back after having retired as a teacher or an associate teacher, the pay is a little bit more." Assignments vary from 1st grade to high school calculus . At HISD you must have at least 60 hours of college and will be given some training and on-boarding. Your local ISD requirements and pay may vary and Dr. Gonzales suggests you visit their websites for their criteria and wage.

Substitute Teachers Could Become Our Newest Heroes

At HISD, there is some training and on-boarding before you enter the classroom. Your first step is to visit your area's ISD's web site and follow the directions to apply.

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