Substitute Teachers could be the Newest Heroes

School district leaders are wondering if they will have enough teacher to open school in the fall. School Districts will need more Substitute Teachers to re-open. In fact, they will probably need a lot more staff. Substitute teachers have been in demand for years, but the Fall 2020 semester will need them desperately. Maxie Hollingsworth is a teacher and STEM Team Specialist at Red Elementary. She says it's possible many teachers won't return to their schools in the fall. "They are strongly considering other options: Can they find another job? Can they take early retirement? I think we will be seeing more of that in the future."

Substitute Teacher Gives Student Shoes Off Her Own Feet

Honeycutt says many teachers are uncertain about next semester no matter how they teach. "My conversations with the teachers have been mostly based on the uncertainty with the uncertainty we all feel right now. 'Are we going to be forced to go into a school? Will there be enough resources to do our jobs and keep everyone safe?' They are concerned about their health and the health of their family." She says substitute teachers will be needed more than ever - and their favorite source: retired teachers. Honeycutt says both classroom and online learning will need more teachers and staff - and additional funding

The jury is still out on how this will affect school kid's learning next year.

Substitute Teacher with online learning

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