Office Burnout - at Pandemic Level?

Burnout is a popular office complaint and surveys say it's the main reason for resignations. Did you ever hear your father or grandfather whining about burnout? Tom Finegan with Clarkston Consulting says things have changed since then. "When our parents went into the workforce, they took a job for life. They were expected to 'grind through' till retirement. That whole mindset has changed. There is more choice among new workers."

Millenials Claiming Burnout Quitting Plum Jobs

He says many younger workers are looking for their employer to have similar values to their own and find it stressful when the two don't match; and they want out. Finegan says one of the reasons is most of today's workers have more family and home responsibilities than our parents and grandparents experienced. "The issue around current generation feeling stressed out or burned out is probably an evolution of when there is stress at work and stress at home --- there's a compounding effect." Finegan says previous generations didn't have the opportunities to go to another job like current younger workers.


Burnout is killing his career

Burnout is the number 1 reason for resignation.Photo: Getty Images

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