Millennials Claiming Burnout, Quitting Plum Jobs

Millennials are giving up great-paying jobs in search of themselves, because they say they're experiencing burnout ... in their 20s.

Two reasons: they want to, and they can.

A number of them are profiled in a recent story by the New York Post (“Burned-out millennials are quitting lucrative jobs,” July 25).

A new survey finds that 43 percent of Millennials expect to leave their job in less than two years. It's hardly the daredevil move it once was -- because unemployment is at a record low and there are more jobs than there are qualified candidates.

They’re leaving at rates that underscore a growing trend of workers resigning from their jobs. According to the Labor Department, the overall quit percentage is 2.4 percent, the highest seen this century.

Experts says it's not smart to quit a job without a plan. Nothing is a guarantee ... and the economy can always change.

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