Big Tech: Ban or Approve...

Social media banned a former president but recently allowed posts celebrating the recent suicide bombing in Kabul. St. Mary Law School of Law professor and Terrorist Expert Dr. Jeff Addicott finds it troublesome. "They do NOT ban the Taliban which is a terrorist organization that murders people; abuses every form of human rights - everything that we hold dear in our Bill of Rights --- and yet they BAN former President Trump!" Dr. Addicott says he believes big tech will eventually be held accountable. "I think many Americans are coming to see the irony that even though we live on the free-est country on the face of the Earth - you can be brainwashed in this society!"

Is Social Media being Fair to Alex Jones?

Dr. Addicott says Big Tech seems to have their own agenda. "They are pushing --- in my opinion --- more of a political agenda than the First Amendment. The First Amendment means all speech is free --- even if you don't agree with it." Dr. Addicott says they should be held responsible for banning former President Trump and unpopular comments about Covid treatment. "They will be held accountable when the people hold our elected politicians accountable. But right now we don't have a majority of politicians in either the White House or in Congress that will do that. However, I think that day is coming!"

He also says Big Tech is acting like a monopoly - and the U.S. has a history of breaking up monopolies.


Cancel Culture Concept

Big Tech chooses whom to allow on social media and whom to ban.Photo: Getty Images

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