POLL: Is social media being fair to Alex Jones?

Thanks to Facebook and YouTube pulling the plug and suspending Alex Jones of Infowars, the debate about social media and censorship of conservatives is back in the news.

Conservatives have faced this before kind of censorship before. There are many examples of conservatives being suspended by Twitter.  Facebook targeted 'Diamond and Silk' last year.

“They says they deem our content and brand unsafe to the community,” Diamond told Fox News earlier this year.

Jonathan Saenz at Texas Values tells KTRH you may not agree with the extreme Jones, but big tech should not be censoring him.

“We see these big tech companies based in California using political pressure and a concentration of their resources to censor messages,” Saenz said.

And Saenz adds that Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Louis Farrakhan don't get that kind of treatment.

“People want to see a consistent principle. Big tech companies have a more left leaning agenda and they are more selective,” Saenz explained.

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