Left Learning: AP Exams Question Voter ID

The Left's indoctrination of students has stretched beyond Critical Race Theory, and is now going after voter ID laws. The College Board's Advanced Placement college entrance exam includes practice test questions that imply voter ID laws are racially biased. The exam includes an infographic citing statistics that 25% of black voters don't have a government photo ID, then asks students to conclude that voter ID laws are "likely to decrease turnout among African American voters."

Critics question the statistics provided in the exam, noting they come from the left-wing Brennan Center for Justice. "For the College Board to use very, very questionable data as the basis to indoctrinate high school students into the voter ID fallacy is very disturbing," says Chad Ennis, senior fellow for the Election Protection Project at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

"When you're presented the data that's presented in those questions, you do trap some people early into thinking that voter ID is oppressive," he continues.

In fact, the actual statistics on voter ID tell a completely different story. "After we passed voter ID (in Texas), turnout went up," says Ennis. "More people vote with voter ID, it's not a suppression tactic at all."

In fact, recent surveys have shown an overwhelming majority of Americans support voter ID laws, and that support stretches across racial and ethnic groups. "You need an ID for almost everything in this country, and that is why voter ID is popular with almost every demographic, except the woke Left," says Ennis. "The woke Left has convinced themselves that certain people are just unable to go through the process to get an ID...it's insulting and it's silly."

"And ultimately, if voter ID is voter suppression as the Left claims, it's not working," he continues. "Because people are voting in record numbers every election."

Photo: Digital Vision

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