School Is In Session – Let The Indoctrination Of Our Kids Begin

Going back to back school was supposed to be a good thing this year. Unfortunately, it is not. Why? Mask mandates, and Critical Race Theory.

"We as parents have to fight back" said education expert and homeschool CEO Jean Burk, and parents are fighting back across the country.

What are some things that parents can do to protect their kids from the radical left's indoctrination? Joy Pullmann wrote an excellent piece about it for The Federalist titled '7 Ways The Conservative Movement Should Fight Critical Race Theory'

Sadly, instead of exposing the evil that CRT truly is, the mainstream media has made it so parents that are in opposition are viewed as racists. "It's all backwards" Burk told KTRH, "And I think parents found that out last year during the lockdown, the school room was in your living room, and you could watch the actual teachers what they were brainwashing your kids with. Now that people are aware of what's going on, they absolutely can now make a game plan, and change things for their family."

Part of that plan needs to include getting involved with your local school board, finding out who is for and against CRT and holding them accountable, and Burk also notes that it may be time to steal a page from Florida and start letting parents use their tax dollars for the education and schools of their choice. "If you can pull your kids out and send them somewhere else, that speaks volumes, and it's time " she said.

Unfortunately, we are at a time when all of this is actually happening. "Not only do you see families pulling out their kids left and right" Burk said, "You see great, amazing teachers quitting. We as parents have to fight back."

That fight is already underway, in a school district near you.


Photo: AFP

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