Remodeling is Hot in Houston!

Home remodeling is is growing faster here than you can write a price proposal. Luke Fry of Sun Collective Construction says many people who stayed home during the covid lockdown realized how outdated their homes had become and thought about moving.

"People are looking at the market and they say to each other, 'OK - we could sell our house and make a lot of money. But where would we live? We want to live in this neighborhood!' So they put that money into the remodel."

Fry says others want to sell their homes because house prices are booming. "People are capitalizing on it by increasing the value of their homes...paint jobs, kitchen remodels, an addition to their home is a big one! That's what we're going to see more of going forward.

Baby Boomers Remodeling

Every part of the Greater Houston Area is seeing a rise in applications for residential building permits. Fry says remodeling of owner-occupied homes is becoming so popular it's fashionable. He says just a paint job works wonders, but he's mostly seeing big improvements like additions and new kitchens.

"A lot of this stuff is going on in upper-priced areas like Garden Oaks, The Heights, River Oaks. It's going on in less expensive areas as well --- some of it with house flippers." No surprise there with the growing popularity of House Flipping shows all over a variety of TV networks.


Remodeling often includes a shiny new kitchen.

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