Baby Boomers Remodeling Now to 'Age in Place' Later

Baby Boomers who want to stay in their homes as they get older are remodeling to accommodate for age.

It's called “universal design” -- making a home accessible to anyone, no matter what their physical abilities may be.

Americans increasingly show that they want to "age in place" instead of moving to a smaller home or a warmer climate. They're remodeling inside and out ... to make their homes easier to manage and safer in case they have health problems later.

Remodeling experts say nonslip flooring and motion-sensor faucets are in higher demand.

Home remodelers say Baby Boomers are replacing tubs with accessible showers, putting in ramps along their doorsteps and adding rails to walls.

People are changing switches to motion sensors and reconfiguring kitchens. Other subtle but useful changes include lowering light switches and raising electrical outlets – to make living spaces more comfortable.

Remodeling experts say a growing number of projects are by homeowners who are healthy now, but want to be prepared, inside and out.

Homeowners 55 and over already account for half of all home-improvement spending.

Home improvement spending by people 65 and up is expected to account for one-third of all remodeling dollars spent by 2025.

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