Lost in Translation: Google Finds a New Way to Censor

We've seen numerous examples in recent years of Google restricting or blocking content it doesn't agree with...from limiting web searches, to taking down YouTube videos, to warning users about certain websites. Now, the tech behemoth has apparently found another way to control information---through its Google Translate service.

Raymond Ibrahim, author and Middle East expert, recently discovered how Google Translate misleads when he quoted an Arabic article about Palestinians praising violent jihad battles of the past. "I used Google Translate on that Arabic article, and that section about those battles is no longer mentioned," he tells KTRH. "I thought I was seeing things, so I went back to the original Arabic article, and they were still there."

And that's not the only time Google Translate left out something Ibrahim wrote about radical Islam. It also happened with a column that was translated into French. "A phrase that I had written---something the left or woke narrative don't want you to hear about Muslim persecution---on Google Translate, that little sentence is gone," he says. "It was just a casual sentence and it was deleted."

"So here is one more way that Google is actually hiding things and manipulating information."

Ibrahim, who is a frequent critic of radical Islam, has also been restricted in Google searches and on YouTube. "If you Google a title of an article I wrote, even if you put parentheses around it which should definitely bring it up, it won't even bring it up any more," he says. "It's a way to conceal ugly facts that everyone else is privy to, but keep them from people who use Big Tech."

Photo: Getty Images

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