Censorship: GOOGLE will warn you about 'fake news websites before you click

If you thought big tech censorship would go away once Joe Biden took office? You were wrong.

Google, which is supposed to be an 'impartial' search engine, remember freedom?, has decided to determine what they believe you should look at as far as news content.

According to The Sun, Google is adding a new feature that will warn you about what they decide is 'fake news', before you even click to go to the website. Scary, but true.

So for example, if yet another new development were to to break with the Hunter Biden scandal? Google will now be able to pick the narrative they want to protect Biden, while at the same determining the truth to be 'fake news'. We saw corrupt news reporting throughout the election, and if you remember, big tech completely censored the Hunter Biden scandal when it broke.

Elizabeth Ames, who is an author and FOX News contributor told KTRH, "A lot of the time it's about what your views are, and if you're on the wrong side, as far as they're concerned."

Right now, select users have the feature which is expected to become mainstream later this year.

But it's not just Google. Facebook is back in the mix, flexing it's muscle under full cover from the Biden administration.

The latest? Facebook is testing a prompt that asks users "if they're worried a friend is becoming an extremist." Watch out for those conservatives!

"It's really shocking that they think they are gatekeepers, and smarter than everybody else" Ames said, "They're trying to save the world in their opinion, and when you see who they are? They're young 'wokes' and people who don't share the fundamental values of the country."

Big tech censorship is alive and well in America in 2021.

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