The Pandemic Made Us Nosier!

Zillow Surfing is when you spend hours online checking out real estate site and other people's houses. The trend started during the pandemic when most of us were spending a lot of time looking at our own homes. The University of Houston's Dr. Betsy Gelb says it could be very inviting. "If nothing else --- it's a new thing! A form of entertainment that costs nothing and allows you to exercise a form of peering into other people's lives!"

More time at home looking at our own surroundings, has introduced us to Zillow Surfing. Spending hours online looking at houses for sale - most of us not planning to move. Dr. Gelb says it makes sense. "I guess you get sucked into it. Now, to figure out why people are spending so much time doing this, if you think about it: entertaining, free, new!"

Buying or Selling a Home Sans Traditional Realtor

A recent survey taken by Omnis Panels with says most people are looking up values and checking out the interiors of the homes of their neighbors, friends, bosses and managers! Almost half have left their laptops and taken an in-person tour, still with no intention of buying.

A Digital Third Coast Marketing survey for Omnis Panels found most of the active surfers spend at least 2 hours at a stretch, with 83% not interested in buying a new home. Click here to see the full report.



Zillow photo of home for sale.Photo: John Zimmerman /

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