Buying or selling a house sans the traditional realtor

You don't go to a video store to rent movies anymore. You probably don't hail a taxi from a street corner. Even shopping is done online now.

Now, the future of real estate might not include the realtor.

Door Homes' Alex Doubet said the real estate agent is dead and the industry just hasn't realized it yet.

“Real estate is in a lot ways the last major American area of commerce that hasn’t just been really disrupted by e-commerce in any way, shape or form,” said Doubet.

If you ever bought or sold a house, don't forget to factor in those thousands of dollars going to your realtor.

Home buyers and sellers split the standard six-percent commission.

Doubet’s real estate brokerage firm charges a flat $5,000, no matter the size or cost of the home. He said his agents are more efficient and don't work on commission. While the average real estate agent makes four to five sales per year, he said the average Door agent sells 5 1/2 homes per month.

Doubet said the traditional real estate model no longer makes sense.

"It doesn't cost anymore to sell a $200,000 or $2-million house. The homebuyer takes the risk and the realtor takes the benefit to the tune of 50 percent, and that just doesn't make sense."

Houston Association of Realtors’ Kenya Burrell VanWormer said technology has changed the way realtors do business with an evolution of services and fee structures.

She added people could be looking for more traditional or a la carte service.

“From traditional brokerage models to limited services, the consumer is empowered to make the decision on what best fits their needs,” said Burrell VanWormer.

She said some choices are based on generational differences.

“Some of your millennials want to be involved, want to be engaged in the process from start to finish. You may find an Xer or a Boomer who says, ‘look, you take control’,” said Burrell VanWormer.

Door is currently in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. They'll launch in Houston and San Antonio this year.

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