Bad Aim: Cornyn Talking With Dems on Gun Control

Democrats looking to pass new gun control legislation in Congress may be getting an assist---from Republicans. The Washington Post reports Texas Sen. John Cornyn is talking with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) about "compromise language" on a gun bill, particularly related to expanded background checks. For his part, Cornyn admitted the talks were ongoing, but that "there's nothing right now to say other than we are still talking."

KTRH's Michael Berry believes Cornyn is making a huge mistake. "Cornyn is under the belief that you can compromise with Democrats, when you can't," says Berry. "The Democrats are like somebody coming into your house and saying we're going to kidnap all four of your children, and you say no, we'll compromise and you only kidnap two."

"You cannot compromise, you cannot negotiate with them on gun control. There is not an inch to be given."

Berry notes that gun control has traditionally been a losing issue for Democrats, and they know that. "Republicans have the high ground on this issue, which is why Democrats are trying to negotiate," he says. "When Republicans negotiate, it's because they're afraid of winning. When Democrats negotiate, it's because they're afraid of losing."

There's no telling whether these talks between Cornyn and Democrats will go anywhere, but Berry wants them to stop before they do. "What Cornyn needs is to get a lot of pressure that you do not negotiate with the's unacceptable," he says.

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