High-Capacity Magazines Targeted in Dems' Latest Gun Control Push

Democrats' plan for gun control is a throwback to 1994's failed "assault weapons" ban, which now includes a limit on high-capacity magazines.

Second amendment opponents argue there is no reason anyone outside the military needs a gun magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. However, those who currently own them would be grandfathered in.

Police agencies say enforcement against person-to-person sales would be virtually impossible.

“There would be millions of them out there, so I don't see how you would ever control that,” says Lenny Miller at Hog Heaven Houston.

Miller says a lot of people use these magazines for sport. Others just because they own them. And he argues banning them will not stop someone from shooting up a grocery store.

“Even if you to 10 or 20, or whatever makes you comfortable, it takes only a split second to pop one out and put another one in,” he says.

Gun control advocates argue it could at least give shooting victims a moment to run, possibly saving lives.

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