What happened to the predicted COVID Baby Boom?!?

During the Covid Lockdown, there was wide-spread speculation that a baby boom would start in December, just like after the 1977 New York Black Out. It didn't happen and the birth rate actually declined. During the Covid Lockdown, when couples were spending so much time together, some predicted a baby boom would start in December. It didn't happen. In fact, the birth rate has gone down. Relationship Trainer Julie Nise says when you hear doom and gloom all day long, possibly lose your job or have severe money problems, marital hanky panky isn't top of mind. She says, "This experience his you at the core of everything you do. Going to church, going to the grocery store, your children going to school and, of course your job. It was too harsh. It was too long. With all this going on, the stress it brings on, even though you are spending a lot of time with your partner, it's not a good time to get frisky!"

Will there be a Covid Baby Boom?

Some say we could see a divorce boom coming soon. Nise says, In my practice I'm seeing a tremendous uptick in seeing couples who want help with their relationships. Whether that translates to divorces - I don't know. But--- I wouldn't be surprised if it did."

However, Nise has another opinion about what might happen 9 months after our recent freezing days without power. "I think the result of ice storms, bad weather and no power, where people are literally hunkering down, maybe for warmth!!!--- that is a different situation than the Covid lockdown!"

We'll report back in December.

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