Will There be a Coronavirus Baby Boom

As Americans jump between the sheets during a government mandated hibernation, can we expect an increase in the birth rate in December, nine months from now?

It’s too early to say, but Dr. Viviana Coles, a marriage and family counselor and certified sex therapist in Houston says she wouldn’t be surprised. “Especially because we don’t have as many things pulling us away from our homes that we do on a normal basis, so I would definitely think there’s going to be a spike in babies soon,” she tells KTRH News. Responsible, mutual, cooperative relationships, she stresses, and planning. “So making smart decisions when it comes to our bodies and reproduction is always important, especially right now when there is a lot of opportunity for connection.”

Some Houston area hospitals reported a 17% increase in their birth rate following Hurricane Harvey.

Condoms are reporting an sharp increase in sales since mandatory restrictions went into place.

It's useful to remember that perhaps the only thing between you and the $233,610 it takes on average to raise a child could be protection.

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