Carnival Cruise Ships back in Galveston!

The CDC announced they think people can go on cruises again by this summer. They say it might be as early as July! After 14 months away, two Carnival Cruise ships are docked at the port of Galveston---no passengers yet but they're getting things ready for the return of summer cruising. Galveston Port CEO Rodger Rees knows what the absence of cruise ships means to his port. "The total number is somewhere close to $ 44 million that we lost over the 14-15 month period."

Port of Galveston Signs Contract for New Terminal

Another bit of good news. "Royal Caribbean will be building a new terminal here. That will bring in additional passengers for them plus for the (probably) new cruise line that occupies their old terminal." The Port of Galveston is the nation's 4th "Cruise-Busiest" port in the country. Rees says he's especially glad to see how many jobs will come back. "The most important people who got hurt are people who couldn't work any more. It's going to be interesting to see what happens when these ships are ready to head out."

Now he's especially glad crews agreed to be vaccinated. "Texas Medical Branch has volunteered their people and their vaccines to come out and vaccinate the crews."

Rees says they will be ready for the crowds, no matter how overwhelming -- because it's what they do.

Photo: Courtesy Port of Galveston

Carnival Cruise Ship in Galveston again

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