The Pandemic Lockdown Instigating "Interesting" Habits

The pandemic lockdown surely changed everybody's demeanor and habits at least slightly. Ismat Mangla of Lendingtree says their survey on the matter has some interesting results. "This pandemic has been so hard on us that we have seen people turning to vices to just cope. Things like cigarettes, drinking, drugs, gambling on the lottery and even 'adult entertainment.' " And then there are people who said they spent money on their favorite vices including lottery tickets and peanut butter ice cream. "70% of the people we surveyed spent money on vices! That's a lot of folks! And 36% who spent money on their vices actually dipped into their savings."

We're Spending More on Our Pets During the Pandemic

Mangla says the average expenditure is $950. She also comments that some considered buying pean utbutter ice cream a vice! Mangla continues: "When you turn to vices to get you through difficult times, you can compound those difficult times when you damage your financial standing."

photo: Getty

Drinking outside during the pandemic

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