We’re Spending on Pets During Covid

We certainly love our pets. We have the receipts to prove it.

During the five months people have been cooped up in their homes during the Covid pandemic, spending on pet items has skyrocketed 202%.

Houston Pet Talk publisher Michelle Mantor says since mid-July, veterinarians are seeing a 14% increase in what people are spending on their pets’ care compared with last year. “Our sponsors at Pet Talk definitely say they are seeing an uptick in their daily appointments. And a lot of those appointments are for wellness and senior wellness exams, so they are bringing their animals in for routine work.” But Mantor says they are also bringing their pets in for conditions that have been present but never critical, such as a benign tumor. With time on their hands, pet owners have been making sure that shots are up to date.

And it’s not just issues of health that are showing up at cash registers. Things like toy purchases, rawhides, chew toys, and even leashes and collars are up 14%. “Sales are up and pampering is part of the equation, but the other part is that so many families have adopted these new pets and are purchasing supplies for them as well.”

And as the shelters have become less crowded as adoptions soar, euthanasia at pet shelters has dropped 43%.

photo: Getty Images

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