Cars are Increasingly More Dependable

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds agrees. "There's no doubt about. If you look at the cars on the road today - the average age is approaching 12 years old! Most of these cars are still running pretty well." J D Power's latest study confirms what many drivers have been thinking: auto makers are making cars more dependable every year. Reynolds explains why. "The assembly process today is to build a whole bunch of vehicles. Then go out with engineers to spot check the quality. After that they correct the glitches they find before they release those vehicles and they eventually wind up in your garage and on the road."

It's a Great Time to Buy a Car!

Reynolds says Lexus and Porsche lead the dependability race, but Kia and Hyundai are up there as well, and General Motors has quite a few in the top 10 including Buick and Cadillac! He says there are occasional technical glitches - but most can probably be blamed on the driver who hasn't taken the time to learn about the computer programming and use it properly! He has some advice to you while shopping for your next vehicle: "Don't let this JDP list be the sole criterion for making your decision of buying a car. All cars are being made very well today. Some are being made better than others and that's the bottom line!"

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More Dependable Cars on the Road

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