It's a great time to buy a car!

Buying a car is different than it was just a month ago. Factory incentives are great right now- no matter what car you want. Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says and you can still visit a showroom. "They are wiping down their facilities and dealerships left and right. They have people whose job is just to do that." Car dealers have adapted very quickly, though, to selling online. and buyers like it. "If you're talking to a dealership online and things are not going the way you want them, all you have to do is terminate that conversation. We all know this is NOT what happens at a dealership!"

More DON'Ts than DOs in Car Shopping

"The consumers really like this change. They love seeing all the numbers and they love being in control. I think it changes the landscape of how cars will be bought for a lot of years ahead."

Dealers deliver cars to to you, paperwork is done remotely and factory incentives are plentiful. So far, it's good for both parties. "Dealers in Houston right now are having a better April than they had a year ago." You can hear Jerry Reynolds the Car Pro on KTRH every Saturday.

She bought her car online

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