Democrats Suddenly No Longer Concerned About “Kids in Cages”

Gone is the hysterical rhetoric from media figures and Democrat politicians about "kids in cages" or "families ripped apart," but make no mistake...the policies that prompted those complaints are back. The Biden administration recently announced plans to reopen a "temporary care facility" in Carrizo Springs, Texas that can house up to 700 children. The facility had been closed under the Trump administration two years ago. This as the president continues to undo Trump immigration policies, including halting border wall construction and ordering a temporary moratorium on most deportations.

The new administration has no choice but to bring back detention centers and re-institute programs like catch-and-release because of the new surge in migrants at the southern border. "The Biden administration is now reaping what is has sewn," says Mark H. Metcalf, former federal immigration judge. "It has promised that there would be no deportations or removals of people who come here illegally, and they've also opened the border up to anyone claiming to be persecuted."

"This is a problem that was predicted by Mr. Biden's own announcements during the campaign," he continues.

Metcalf predicts the problems at the border will continue to snowball due to the new/old policies being put into place. "Children, who cannot be incarcerated or kept in detention for more than 20 days, will then be released...and that will only cause more children to enter the U.S.," he says.

As for catch-and-release--another oldie but goodie from the Obama era now being dusted off--Metcalf predicts similar disastrous results. "Historically, forty percent of illegal aliens who have been released to attend future court dates never showed for court," he tells KTRH. "And we're going to see a repeat of that over the next four years under President Biden."

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