Biden to Rollback More of Trump's Immigration Policies

President Joe Biden will issue additional executive orders on immigration Tuesday, possibly leading to even more confusion among ICE and Border Patrol agents.

An order to halt deportations was temporarily blocked by a Texas judge last month. Now, the White House is expected to end the so-called "Remain in Mexico" policy.

Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, says his agents will continue making arrests, but ICE keeps getting mixed messages from the top.

“Those guys are getting conflicting statements three or four times daily. Let them go. Keep them. Don't keep them. Release them into the country. It just changes for those guys daily,” he says.

All Cabrera knows for sure is that illegal crossings are way up since November's election.

“I don't think there is an end in sight as long as people keep talking about amnesty,” he says. “Once they start talking about amnesty is just opens the flood gates for us. As long as that key word is out there we're going to be behind the eight ball on this.”

Critics of the rollbacks believe the U.S. will see more migrant caravans in the months ahead.

“It's created a huge influx of people coming into the country, whether it be to turn themselves in or to get away. We haven't been this busy in a while,” Cabrera added.

The White House also wants to create a task force aimed at reuniting children separated from their families on the border. It is also calling for a review of the “public charge” rule President Donald Trump tried to use to limit poor immigrants from legally coming into the United States.

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