Seeing Fewer Items on the Shelves Lately?

Covid-19 has created another problem for America: shipping delays.American retail is experiencing a rise of customer demand - but Covid-related shipping delays are causing shortages on the shelves, showrooms and tech stores. Supply Chain and Logistics expert Margaret Kidd says, "The biggest back-logs are at some of the big container ports. This is where there's an imbalance of trade and workers who are out sick with Covid . Kidd remarks, "The 2 largest container ports in the U.S. are in Southern California and are a big part of that delay. There are 45 ships sitting out in the bay waiting to be unloaded. And we're experiencing a surge of Covid infections with port workers." Kidd feels strongly that transportation workers should be in the ranks of Front Line Workers and have Covid vaccines more readily available. She says getting these workers back will ease much of the pain.

Houston Shipping Industry Hit Hard amid Global Downturn

Some American factories are shut down or are working with limited staffs. Victims include cars and clothing as well as materials to make American goods. Factories domestic and foreign are also suffering personnel outages and that includes the technology needed by our increasing number of remote workers, teachers and students. And you don't need an MBA to know what happens when supply doesn't meet demand!

Container Ships waiting to be unloaded

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