Houston Shipping Industry Hit Hard amid Global Downturn

Houston's shipping and cargo industry are getting hit hard amid the global economic downturn and low oil prices.

The coronavirus outbreak continues to create disruptions in the global supply chain, from Wuhan to Houston. Lynn Stacy is the Managing Director of Liquid Logistics Solutions at OEC group, a global freight forwarder. He spoke to KTRH about the challenges.

“Nobody knows what to do, how to handle it, or which way to go,” Stacy explained. “So you are seeing the different ends of the spectrum to where certain customers are going about different ways.”

He many American businesses are holding off on shipping large cargo to and from China.

“Now, is that to say that all shipping has stopped and there’s no containers available? Absolutely not,” Stacy said. “Of course, we have imports from Latin America, Europe.”

He says the challenges remain for now, but he's optimistic business will rebound and shipment will pick back up after the crisis is over.

Port Workers With Shipping Containers

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