Help Wanted: Cyber Security Techs

The Covid pandemic brings both a range of new cyber security threats and career opportunities. Hilltop Consultant's Cyber Security Expert Jim Turner.: "Many open positions for Cyber Security Professionals. Additionally - more companies, large and small, need to start focusing on their cyber security. It's a combination of a very pressing subject with employees working from home is causing a lot of situations where an employee can put their company at risk."

Foreign Hackers Step Up Attacks

Cyber attacks in America have tripled since 2019 and there's a massive shortage of cyber security professionals. Turner says if you have worked with computers, you can enter the field. "A common misunderstanding is that you need that Masters Degree or 10 years experience in I.T. to pursue a career in cyber security. He says many companies will hire you, train you in-house, bring you up to speed while you're working and pay you handsomely. Also, 2-year colleges in your area should have courses to help you expand your skills. Job search sites are loaded with opportunities.


Cyber Security Experts Needed

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