Foreign Hackers Step Up Attacks on U.S. Ahead of Presidential Election

Cybersecurity experts say in the last few months, U.S. adversaries have stepped up cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns ahead of the presidential election.

Authorities are still keeping a close eye on hackers from Russia, China, and Iran in particular. Cyberthreats to the U.S. Presidential Elections made headlines in 2016, when Russia infiltrated several states voting systems.

“What they want is this polarization in the society, is this distrust of government itself. And the reason the Russians want that is because it distracts us from what Russia is doing geopolitically in the world,” Retired Navy Admiral James Stavridis, a national security expert, stated in February during a 2020 RCA Conference on Cybersecurity.

The FBI has pledged this year to share hacking alerts with local and state election officials if there is a threat. However, Congress has called on more to be done so that voters will know if their information has been stolen.

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