Covid Brings on More Business Changes

The Covid Crisis is still bringing on day-to-day changes with layoffs, industry cost cutting and put simply, changes in how we do things. Management jobs in American Business are changing. Many businesses have cut costs, with one result being fewer bosses managing more staff - many of whom are working remotely from other cities. Business management expert Derek Lundsten says many duties that previously ate up a managers' time are being automated so managers' focus is changing. "There's a level of responsibility that managers have now to provide resources and personalized care to employees."

American Businesses Facing Challenges with Employees Working from Home

Automation and artificial intelligence are expected to replace most of today's manager's workload in the next few years. To remain vital, a manager will have to learn to coach their staff as well as provide support for their projects at hand and for themselves. He says business managers will have larger teams that require different approaches than before. "The diversity and locations of teams under managers' supervision will likely change substantially. Communication is going to be required for work in the future."

Lundsten says businesses will continue to become more productive and profitable as there is less administrative work and more collaboration.

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Managers will have larger and more diverse staffs.

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