Hotel Revenues are Way Down and More Changes are Coming Up

The lodging industry has taken a double whammy from covid-19. They have to keep their guests safe and do it on a much smaller budget due to 2020's lost revenue. 2020 Hotel Revenues dropped even lower than the projected 50%. Neil Patel of the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association says safety protocols for hotels from the World Health Organization continue to update. "That is an industry-wide cleaning practice and protocol that all of the major brands have adopted."

Feeling Safer in Your Hotel Room

Patel says in the future you may see more extended stay packages and room for families with remote workers and students, touch-less room technology, and safer common areas. For a longer list of projected hotel upgrades, see below. Safety measures run from covering TV remotes to guests interacting less with staff. And future hotel space may look different. "Hotels have been considering re-configuring outdoor and indoor common spaces for the future. They will be making areas more private for a family or even a couple can sit and be more protected." With business travel expenses shrinking, chains are working on offering more bang for the corporate buck. Here's a list of more projected changes,

  1. Extended Stay Packages for Business Travelers and their Families
  2. Work-Friendly Rooms
  3. Touchless Technology
  4. Contactless technology in checking in, checking out, adjusting the room settings with touchless tech.
  5. Increased Privacy
  6. Outdoor Spaces
  7. Contactless Food and Beverage
  8. Value Travelers getting more bang for their Corporate Bucks.

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Hotels are Changing in 2021

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