Feeling Safer in Your Hotel Room

Houston hotels are still suffering from the loss of business due to Covid-19. of Hilton - University of Houston's General Manager Steve Cunningham says, "It's still not good --- but it's still better than last week and the week before. Destinations like Galveston are coming back better than business destinations like downtown Houston."

New cleaning technology used in hotels may make guests feel safer. Sanitizing protocols have been raised, especially on high-touch points in the guest rooms like the thermostat and telephone. "We're going to use this new Lysol product to sanitize the remote controls. Then we have special plastic sleeves that go over the remote controls when the housekeeper is done. That's shows the guests that they have been sanitized."

Cunningham says the new Hilton Clean Stay Program brings in new products more staff training and work hours. 'We are requiring some more labor than before because we're also cleaning those high touch areas in public areas more often. Things like elevator call buttons, buttons inside the elevators, hand rails on stair wells..."

Many hotels are adding electrostatic disinfectant sprayers that allow for 360-degree surface coverage. AS you can see on the Hilton Clean Stay Program, paper, pens, and other paper related products have been removed from the rooms because they cannot be sanitized.

Woman sleeps well in sanitized hotel room

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