Home Schooling Growing - HISD Grades Falling

Home Schooling participation is growing in Texas as public school grades are falling. Stephen Howsley with the Texas Home School Coalition says 40% of HISD students are failing due to remote learning. "It just doesn't work for every student. Especially for students who need that one-on-one, in-person teaching in an ISD - especially as big as HISD." Howsley says there's a good family fit that home schooling provides in Texas.

"Part of the reason that they have grown so significantly is how free home schooling is in Texas. It gives parents and families the flexibility to tailor education to each child."

Homeschool Applications Soar in Texas

If you're afraid of teaching Algebra or Physics, Howsley says there are professionals who can help you with that. "Once or twice a week your child goes to a classroom setting with other students. Another parent or expert teaches those "tougher" subjects like math and sciences.

Howsely says Home schooling has tripled in Texas - and mostly because the state does not mandate how you can tailor subject matter to your kids. He says it gives your family the flexibility you need in these odd, trying times.

Home Schooling in Texas gives families flexibility

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