Homeschool Applications Soar in Texas as Parents Consider Children’s Future

The number of parents looking to homeschool their children has shot up amid the pandemic. That's according to the Texas Homeschool Coalition, who notes a spike in interest. However, families have a lot to think about if they're considering homeschooling for the first time.

A growing number of parents frustrated with the public school system and the reopening process are opting to homeschool. Home programs across the country are seeing a surge in applications. Homeschooling mother and educator Jean Burk warns not to confuse online, or virtual learning, which is what many schools are doing now, with full-time home schooling.

“It takes a parent who says I know what’s best for my kid more than anything, and I’m willing to put the time in and spend the best part of their hours of the day with them,” Burk, who created the College Prep Genius curriculum, said.

She adds home schooling can be a sacrifice, especially if one parent chooses to give up a steady paycheck to teach their children. Parents considering homeschooling should do their research first, and think about whether it's right for their family.

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