Texas White Tail Deer Season is Open

White Tail Deer Season is here. General White Tail Deer Season will continue in Texas from now into January. Doug Pike says it's looking good. "A good season is decided by whether you want big antlers or you was meat in the freezer. For most Texas deer hunters means they got one or two animals and they can fill that freezer with meat that will take them through till next year. The others are looking for big antlers. From what I have seen so far, it will also be a good antler season."

White Tail Deer Season is here. Hunting expert Doug Pike says deer hunting is important to Texas wildlife. Texas has a bout 4 million deer and we need to take out about a half a million deer to make sure that herd stays within the carrying capacity of its habitat."

Demand for Guns, Ammo as Hunting Season Nears

Pike says there are hunters who reach their limit but don't need all the meat for their own families can donate field-dressed deer to Hunters for the Hungry, which will make it into ground meat and donate to organizations that will get it to families in need. You can hear Doug Pike every Sunday on Fifty Plus on KTRH.

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Texas White Tail Deer Hunting Season is Open

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