Demand Grows for Guns, Ammo as Hunting Season Sets In

The Antifa riots and Black Lives matter unrest around the country are now impacting hunters nationwide, due to a surge in gun and ammo sales. September was the ninth consecutive month of record firearm background checks.

Doug Pike, who hosts a weekend outdoors show on Sports Talk 790, says hunters everywhere are having a tough time finding gear these days.

“I was in two or three stores this past week, and the rifle rounds are in short supply, and the pistol ammo is almost none to be found anywhere,” he says.

Some retailers report price spikes of 200-300 percent due to a lack of inventory.

“Even the water fowl hunters typically wouldn't go through maybe more than 15 or 20 boxes of ammo through a full season of duck and goose hunts, so that's not where the demand is. The demand is in people who are concerned about their personal safety as much as anything else.”

States are reporting an increase in hunting license applications this year, likely due to a desire to get outside after seven months of lockdowns. Pike urges them to call around before going store-to-store.

“There are some smaller stores in town that buy in enough volume that they have ammo on their shelves. And there are some big stores where you might be able to purchase something online that you won't find in the store.”

He recommends trying a pair of his sponsors, American Shooting Centers in West Houston and The Shooter's Corner in Texas City.