Are Dentists in Financial Trouble due to Covid?

Dentists are seeing fewer patients due to Covid-19, mostly because their patients are afraid of the possibility of infection in their offices. Some American Dentists are leaving family practices or are raising their fees in order to survive --- so says the American Dental Association. However, Houston Dentist Dr. Terri Alani says not so much here in Houston.

"We're probably at about 75% capacity. Most Houston dental offices have adjusted their staffs slightly, maybe they have adjusted their hours, but are still seeing patients on a regular basis." She says since the AIDS crisis in the 80s dentists have observed stringent protocols. "It's all about educating your patients. We send out emails letting our patients know what our protocol is. Most area dentists are doing that."

Texas Dentists Push Back against WHO's Warning

Dr. Alani says she and her dentist colleagues in the Houston area are still pretty busy. She says their patients see their rigorous protocol and are comfortable with everything from a cleaning to cosmetic work. Dr. Alani says October is a good month for them. "A lot of our patients have dental insurance. We're seeing the beginning of a stream of patients that will be coming in during the next 2 months to use that insurance before the end of the year when their benefits expire."

Dr. Alani is on the Advisory Council for the College of Science at Texas A&M.

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Dentists are using stringent protocols to keep their offices CV-free.

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