Texas Dentists Push Back Against World Health Organization’s Warning

The World Health Organization is getting pushback from medical professionals again. This time, it's from dentists.

The American Dental Association is urging patients not to put off routine check-ups, like teeth cleaning. This after the WHO recommends not to go to the dentist in areas where there are high number of COVID-19 cases. Doctor Melissa Santilli, with Honey Dental in North Texas, says the WHO is sending out the wrong message.

“I haven’t seen any cases where the dental office is the source of COVID transmission at all. But my biggest concern is that they are going to end up in the ER for something very simple that could have been dealt with in the dental visit that could been seen on the X-ray,” Dr. Santilli said.

Dentists say they are following CDC guidelines, as staff are wearing additional protective equipment. Santilli says you should stay home if you have a compromised immune system. However, going to a dental office is save for the general public.

In May, President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the WHO, which many say tarnished its credibility by issuing conflicting and confusing statements early in the pandemic.

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