Holiday Travel Down for 2020

The 'no travel' trend is going strong this holiday season. Travelocity says 4 out of 5 Americans won't be traveling at all and many say they are just still scared to fly while Covid is still active. Marketing Technology company Zeta Global reports travelers are still waiting to see what countries will reopen along with the quarantine requirements.

Does that make more time and money available for shopping? Shopping Guru Shanda Cortines talks about what's popular so far. "A lot of people are focusing for items for the home. Probably because they are still concerned with the Covid problem and the upcoming threat of influenza, we'll certain to still be spending more time at home." She says not to expect as many home-baked goodies and home-crafted items this year because people are still afraid of passing on Covid.

The Hardest Hit Industry May be the Airlines

Cortines says some gifts from yesteryear are becoming popular again. "I do see a lot of puzzles and games flying off the shelf! Things like that are going to keep people entertained if we do get shut in again." And clothing is always good. "I don't think anybody is buying a whole lot of clothing for 'the bottom half.' With all the Zoom calls, nobody sees your bottom half anymore!"

Shoes and slacks out, sneakers and sweats in.

So few people will travel this holiday season.

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