The hardest hit industry may be the airlines

One of the main reasons stocks are tanking is because of the Coronavirus' effect on air travel. Bookings are down as much as 70% and for some it's worse than after 9/11.

Catherine Banks at Legacy Travel in Plano says there'll be a lot less flight options available.

"You'll see less air service; airlines don't want to fly planes that aren't going to be full so you'll see a lot of flight take downs. They'd rather park a plane than fly it empty."

Banks says this is worse than 9/11 because its worldwide and clients are more afraid of Coronavirus than terrorism.

"From my perspective this is absolutely worse because it involves everywhere in the world and people are more scared of this than they were 9/11."

But Banks says when this scare is over, she hopes people will return to seeing the world.

"I always want people to be brave and travel and want to see things; this is just such an unpredictable time."

United, Delta and American Airlines say demand is down and they're cutting domestic passenger capacity. Southwest Airlines say it's enhancing its overnight cleaning procedures on its planes.

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