Texas Vacation Rentals are HOT

Vacation rentals in Texas are 58% higher than this time last year. Pam Knudsen of Avalara My Lodge Tax says people have been cooped up and want to get out, see their families and take a nice drive. Hotels don't accommodate their numbers or feel safe. "They don't want to share elevator buttons or a communal breakfast bar or anything like that. They want more control over what they are having to deal with."

Texans have not been able to see their families or travel for months, and vacation rentals are coming to the rescue. "We're seeing a HUGE increase --- especially in rural and beach areas - as people want to get out. Everybody's tire of being home-bound. We've all got a bit of cabin fever. We want to see someplace new - but most of us just aren't ready to hop on a plane yet."

New Weekend Travel Trend

Knudsen says you can drive to a choice rural area with your family and enjoy a beautiful space and your beautiful friends and family. These properties are also popular with those who work from home...have laptop, will travel!

This up-tick in vacation rental is also very good for the economy - which needs this shot in the arm. Knudsen says, "People are traveling - so they are spending money. That's good. But also, it's the new lodging taxes that vacation rentals bring in. All the jurisdictions that have been hurting for revenue are getting some relief."

Vacation rentals are being adopted by professionals who are now working from home. Have Laptop --- Will Travel!

Vacation Rental House

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