A new weekend travel trend may be gaining momentum

The traditional Friday through Sunday getaway is shifting for some travelers. More Americans are taking off Saturday morning and returning Monday.

Sheilah Benoit at Houston's Woodlake Travel says hotel rates are cheaper on Sundays.

"Look at the advantage of what a Sunday rate might be compared to a higher price on a Friday-Saturday combination."

But what about getting off Monday?

"I find more and more of my clients have a flexible work schedule where they may be off every other week for a day; so maybe it's a Friday, maybe it's a Monday."

Benoit doesn't see this as a huge trend, but if it's cheaper and you're traveling when others aren't that's a good deal.

On Monday you'll encounter far fewer fellow travelers and Benoit says hotel rates will be cheaper.

"When you give them offers and the pricing is better on a Saturday to a Monday compared to a Friday to a Sunday, then a lot of times they shift their schedule to get the best pricing."

If you choose not to leave town for your weekend getaway HotelTonight.com ranks Houston as one of the top five cities for a "staycation."

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