Many workers expect their retirement will include a job

The face of retirement is changing. The majority of workers in a recent surveyed said they see their retirement including a job. Retirement expert Derrick Kinney says there's more than one way to plan for retirement. "You don't have to have all the money saved up to retire. But --- you DO have to have enough to stay connected to those relationships you have had for so many years."

He says including a job in your retirement is not necessarily about a lack of savings. "Most people realize: 'I want to stay active; I want to keep my brain engaged in a part-time position doing what I want to do.' They also want to take the stress off their portfolio."

Looking Forward to Retirement?

Kinney says companies will find this plan productive and financially frugal for them as well because they don't want to lose all that industry knowledge in their long time workers. Some say work gives them positive influence on their mental well-being, and others prefer to work longer because they think they may live longer than expected. There are also folks who just can't quit working cold turkey and are happy finding easier, less demanding part-time jobs.

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'Retired' worker.

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