Looking Forward to Retirement?

If you're looking forward to retirement, start checking your social security statement now! No matter when you plan to retire, NOW is the time to Check your Social Security statement. There could be errors that will cause you to not receive your full benefit. AARP Senior Policy Adviser Joel Eskovitz says to check it regularly. "Where it tends to happen is in a lot of different places along the way, It only takes one or two small errors where your benefits are not fully entered in."

If you have completed 10 years of work, not necessarily consecutively, you can create your account. Gather your W2s and tax returns to compare your figures to what you see. Doing this before you request benefits could save you trouble and lost money later. Eskovitz adds, "After all, the Social Security Administration isn't working to correct errors in your favor. The agency is much more focused on making sure they are not sending too much money out the door!"

Creating your own account is easy. If you do find an error, take your W2s or other proof to your local Social Security Office. It will save your time and frustration to keep up with it now rather than later.

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