Why You're NOT Taking a Vacation

Most Americans will say for their mental and physical health, they need to experience life outside their home to relax. Amazingly, only a quarter have taken a vacation since Covid-19. An I.P.X. survey found over half of those who ventured out say they weren't able to truly de-stress for fear of Covid-19 in new surroundings and they won't do it again. The vast majority of them changed their destination at least once. Tricia Harte of Digital Third Coast says, "I think people are looking at places that are a little more open and adjusting their plan accordingly."

If Your Vacation Hopes are Dashed...

A third questioned say they won't travel until a vaccination has been perfected and over half are not comfortable flying yet. Says Harte, "Some people said they just weren't able to fully relax because of the ongoing pandemic. Other people responded that the fact that there was possibly Covid all around them was stressing them out."

Too stressed to enjoy vacation

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