If your vacation hopes are dashed you can expect a full refund

Your travel plans might be dashed but you'll get a full refund if you booked with a reputable travel company.

Travel agent Jen Henriksen says don't panic.

"You wanna cancel because of everything that's going on but you've contacted the supplier you booked with and they're telling you you're subject to their standard cancellation policy. I just want to encourage you to sit tight."

Henriksen says only fly-by-night agencies will try to keep your money.

"The government is putting a travel ban on which causes the suppliers to have to cancel. In most cases when a supplier cancels -- not in all, but in most -- the supplier gives a full refund."

Henriksen says reputable travel companies won't try to keep your money.

"When we cancel our clients have the option of a full refund or we give them some type of a benefit to move and rebook at a later date. That's really what all suppliers are doing right now."

Henriksen says the virus has forced everyone's hands, including the government, which has issued travel bans. Henriksen says any company that tries to keep your money will likely go out of business as word of mouth spreads.

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