Groceries Delivered by "No One"

The next time you order groceries delivered ... "no one" may deliver them.

Self-driving NURO delivery vehicles are testing in Houston...delivering for Kroger, HEB and Walmart. Texas A&M Transportation Institute's Ginger Goodin approves. "The manufacturers of these types of vehicles want to test them in a real-world environment. Certainly Houston offers a wide variety of roads to test these vehicles." Goodin says driverless cars are not brand new. "Autonomous vehicles have been in development for almost a decade --- maybe longer. With each year the companies are continually perfecting their operating systems."

Want Them or Not - Driverless Cars are Coming

Select Houston Walmart, H.E.B and Kroger stores are testing the driverless delivery vehicles as Nuro works to eliminate possible problems. Goodin says, "There could be a failure in the operating system, their software, a cyber security threat. Any one of those could endanger pedestrians, bicyclers or other vehicles on the road." Earlier this year, federal regulators gave Nuro temporary approval to run autonomous delivery vehicles on public roads for the first time without human occupants.

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 miles an hour.

NURO testing in Houston

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