Want Them or Not, Driverless Cars Are Coming

Not since we were forced to buy the squirrely new light bulbs has a product been shoved onto American consumers.

Though no one is asking for them, driverless cars are coming to a roadway near you, and that has most people scared.

An annual survey by AAA finds 63% of adults are afraid of autonomous driverless cars, down from 78% last year.

That still means more than half of us are scared witless by the thought of pulling up alongside a car without someone behind that wheel, women more so than men.  73% of females are put off by the idea, compared to 52% of men.  Millennials are more trusting of the technology than Baby Boomers, 54% to 34%.

90% of accidents are caused by human error even though 73% say they are a better than average driver.

Regardless, they’re coming.  Experts predict they’ll be common on the road within five years, starting just two years from now.

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