Foreign Influence: Illegals Shape Electoral Map

Democrats have spent the last three years railing against foreign interference in elections, all the while enabling perhaps the most insidious foreign election influence of all---illegal immigration. By law, illegal aliens cannot vote in the U.S., but their presence helps decide how congressional districts are drawn, which in turn shapes the U.S. electoral map. "They are foreigners, and they are determining how many representatives states get in Congress and how many electoral votes we get," says Christopher Hajec, director of litigation for the Immigration Reform Law Institute. "That is a kind of foreign interference."

Hajec cites a prime example of this phenomenon on the left coast. "California wants as many illegal aliens as possible to be counted in the Census, because they get more representatives and more electoral votes, and thus they're more powerful," he tells KTRH. "That gives states an incentive to have sanctuary policies, to encourage more illegal aliens to come and stay there."

President Trump is trying to stop this, recently signing an executive order banning illegal aliens from counting toward congressional apportionment. (This after Trump's effort to add a citizenship question to the Census was rebuffed.) But liberal groups and states like California are already suing to block the president's order.

Hajec applauds the president's move, arguing that non-citizens should not have any political power in our republic. "In no sense have illegal aliens been accepted by the United States as owing allegiance to it...and they really shouldn't be counted in the Census," he says.

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